3 Hidden Gems Worth Checking out in El Paso, TX

El Paso is one of the best cities for anyone wanting a fresh start at an affordable price. Not only do you get a fantastic mix of culture and intrigue, but you also get the opportunity to enjoy some of the best bars and restaurants in the city.

These are the top three hidden gems in El Paso and why they make this city such an incredible stop.

1. Ysleta Mission

Missions hold a complicated past for many people, reminding them of a time of colonialism and of the hardships their ancestors went through. This mission was built by local indigenous people in the late 1600s and is a mix of Christian and indigenous design while still touching on the harsh past that made it into what it is.  

Nearby you can visit the Tigua tribal government offices and cultural center, which will give you better insight into how modern people feel about this space.

2. Chihuahuan Desert Gardens

When you’re eager for some tranquility after a long day of looking at El Paso houses for sale, it’s time to head to the Chihuahuan desert gardens. These gardens lay beside the Centennial Museum on the University of Texas at El Paso Campus. Hosting over 600 different species of flora native to the desert, this is a stop for anyone who wants to feel connected to their beautiful surroundings.

Not only is there an arroyo garden, a desert shrub garden, a terrace garden, a sand garden, and even a water garden: but there are also awesome exhibits on geology, ecology, archeology, and the countless cultures that make this area what it is. This is a must-stop destination.

3. Hueco Tanks

If you want to see something incredible in nature that ties ancient and new people together, it’s time to head to the Hueco Tanks. Here you can enjoy beautiful water views that have pulled in people and animals for a million years. Not only are there pictographs, but also called rock paintings, from various indigenous people, but there are also shrimp that pull foxes, bobcats, and other animals into the area.

What Makes El Paso So Special?

El Paso is an amazing city for countless reasons: the best of which is its fantastic cultural exchange. As a border town, El Paso has the best of Mexican and traditional American cultures while staying affordable and beautiful.

This city has the best food, the best nightlife, and the most interesting background that you can find in the nation. Beyond all of that, it also has a ton of industry and employment options for anyone who isn’t sure what they want to do. From a nearby military base to the countless fun small shops and businesses, you can do whatever you wish for work here.

This City is the Best of Both Worlds

Whether you’re considering moving somewhere new to find a community or you simply want to explore one of the most interesting cities in the nation: El Paso has you covered. Consider moving to this fantastic city soon.

Antonio Carter
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