Characteristics of an Essential period undies

Feeling irritable and awkward is one of the most annoying feelings, however, it is inevitable especially for ladies who are going through their monthly period. It is a normal phase that they have to go through each month. It can cause them a lot of shifting in their mood and attitude which is truly understandable since it is caused by body pain and hormonal changes.

People must have to tolerate all the irritable days but they can reduce it by keeping themselves at ease. One thing that they can do to reduce the mood swings and annoyance is by wearing comfortable clothes and undergarments. Wearing some menstrual necessities such as menstrual cups, tampons, and most especially sanitary pads can add up to irritation, to diminish it, teenagers must wear comfortable undergarments.

Here are the qualities of a period undies that you should look for:

  • Optional Sizes – underwear should come in various sizes like from smallest to largest so that all women can have good options. Size matters because that is where you can find comfort. It should be perfectly fitted on you to avoid irritations. Too-tight underwear can irritate and can darken your groin area and buttocks. Too loose underwear can make you feel awkward. Know your specific size so you will not have a hard time selecting when you go shopping.
  • Material – the best menstrual undies should have a high-quality material that is made of breathable and lightweight fabrics such as organic cotton, cotton stretch-fit, absorbent, etc. It is better to buy on a physical store so that you can touch and feel the texture and analyze if it is comfortable on the skin. The lighter it is the better since you will not feel too much on your skin.
  • Absorbent – the best menstrual undies should be absorbent that can absorb any leaks and stains from the liners or without any pads. Some period undies come in a material that can absorb around 2 tampons of menstrual blood. It is good to wear especially during a heavy period because it keeps you safe from staining your clothes and seats.
  • Cost-effective – make sure that the price of the underwear matches its quality. Some high quality has higher price than average ones but it is worth it since you can use it for a valuable purpose so you should choose wisely.

Since menstrual underwear absorbs blood, it can be harder to watch it so you also need to know how to wash it properly to avoid damaging it. Don’t use a highly concentrated soap and too much bleach since the fabric of it is sensitive and it is also not good for the skin since it contains a lot of chemicals. It is better to hand wash it so that you can completely remove all the stains and bacteria left on the underwear. It is easier to find menstrual undergarments nowadays since a lot of brands have released their design and features of menstrual underwear. It is also eco-friendly so it is a good choice.

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