Commercial Cleaning Types

When it comes to commercial cleaning, it is important to evaluate the needs of each business individually. Commercial buildings have different types of surfaces that need to be cleaned. For example, a retail store might have mostly hard surfaces like tile and wood floors that need to be washed, whereas a manufacturing plant with large concrete floors might require more frequent mopping and scrubbing.

Treating stains and spills is also a part of commercial cleaning. These types of problems can be addressed with a number of different products and methods. To get rid of tough stains, you may want to use an acidic cleanser such as vinegar or lemon juice. On the other hand, tough dirt and grime can be removed with poultices made from baking soda paste or even sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) mixed with hot water. Using mineral spirits or turpentine can also assist with removing stains that have set in over time.

Tasks depend on the type of business too. A hospital needs a lot of cleaning and disinfecting in order to prevent the spread of disease; a restaurant needs tables, chairs and booths all cleaned. Likewise, offices require different levels of cleaning depending on the type of businesses they house. An accounting company requires different cleanliness than a graphic design firm or a law office. To know more info on cleaning services click on the link.

As you can see, commercial cleaning can get quite complex when you start breaking it down into individual tasks and surfaces. That’s why you should hire professionals who know how to handle these situations effectively. A cleaning service can provide you with staff who know what tasks are required for each type of business as well as which tools and products work best for every surface.

Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaners are often called upon to clean carpets, floors and rugs. These cleaners use specialized equipment and chemicals to get rid of stains and odors, and ensure that dirt doesn’t build up on your carpet or floor. They may also be responsible for installing new carpet when necessary.

Window Cleaning: Window cleaners are responsible for cleaning windows, whether they’re located in office buildings or stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Because windows can be large and difficult to reach, window cleaners often use ladders or other tools while they work.

Floor Waxing, Buffing And Sealing: Floor waxers keep floors looking their best by applying a protective layer that prevents cracking and fading over time. They may also buff floors to remove stains or scuff marks.

Pressure Washing: Pressure washing involves cleaning vast areas — such as driveways, patios and parking lots — using high-pressure pumps that spray large amounts of water at once . Pressure washers are typically used for exterior surfaces.



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