Online IQ Test – Easy Way To Determine Your Intelligence

Do you ever wonder what your IQ is? I am sure you have. All of us want to know how smart we are, and not for just vanity. Several reasons why having an IQ score is important. 

Earlier, one had to contact an institute and arrange for an appointment to take the test. But with Online IQ tests, things have become easy. The slogan for online tests – anytime, anywhere. The convenience of taking these tests on a non-working day from the comforts of your home, and during a pandemic provides you the social distancing.

Why IQ tests?

They are means of evaluating a person’s abilities for a particular job. Many companies test cognitive skills to estimate the candidature of an applicant.  In a class, there could be some students with exceptional abilities. They became frustrated at the pace and the level of teaching as their abilities excel beyond the curriculum. Such students are tested for their IQ levels and are admitted into special schools.

What is a good IQ score?

The average IQ score is 100 and anything over this number, the person is considered as intelligent and anything less, say around 70 tells that the person is not marked to the level in that particular test. The same person can perform better in some other skill testing. So, repeat your test with different online IQ tests.

IQ tests and mental health

One of the cognitive skills is memory and we know that Alzheimer’s and age-onset dementia has impaired memory. Researchers perform IQ-adjusted tests on elderly patients for 10 years. A person who scores 120 at the beginning of study, scores 80 at the end of 5 years. The person is at risk of deteriorating mental health. This information can help doctors to help such patients.

How are IQ tests conducted?

  • You have to register with your age and google ID. Age is important as IQ is a ratio of mental age to chronological age.
  • Each test is different: the number of questions is between 10 -50 with a duration of 10 to -60 minutes.
  • They are usually multiple-choice questions. The amount of time taken to complete the test is tracked. Instructions are given for each test.
  • Your IQ score is shown at the end of the test and you can share it with others, view the correct answer and if required take some psychological support. 
  • The test will be on several parameters such as memory, perception, comprehension, logic, mathematical understanding, and creativity. Each institute has different customization.

Experts believe we need an Intelligent Intelligence test. IQ tests have undergone so much evolution to be relevant. Psychologists have put their ideas to give the best-fit IQ. As the brain is a complex organ, testing it can be only approximate. Nowadays, we have IQ tests that by themselves are intelligent. It is advisable to take two or three tests to understand your abilities. With so many online IQ tests, this is not a bottleneck.

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