Pop Fidget Toy Are Motor Skills Enhancers

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Kids are known to be active. They always want to do anything. They have their tantrums at a time. They always want your attention. Parents are challenged on how to entertain their child especially if they are at work. Work from home moms are faced with this challenge.

How to overcome such a situation? There are many ways on how to entertain your child. You can still work from your home while tending your kids. Here are some ideas that you can try at home.

Coloring And Drawing

Drawing and coloring are great motor learning activities for kids. Some activities like tracing lines or drawing shapes will catch their attention especially if they are to color it. Try this: print a favorite character that your kids love and let him color it. They’ll love coloring pictures. If you have the capacity then buy art materials that are safe for them.

Sounds And Letters

Kids are easily attracted to music. There are many alphabet songs that can be downloaded. Let them watch it and sure they can be entertained. It also encourages them to recite and later on they will memorize it one by one. They can be entertained at the same time learning. There are also educational videos that might be suitable for your child.


Building blocks are also the best way of entertaining your kids. They can use their creativity and imaginations to build their masterpiece. This will help improve their investigative thinking, creativity, and improve their hand-eye coordination.


Puzzles And Fidget Toys

Fitting puzzles help the visual motor skills of a child. They can improve investigative thinking. Pop Fidget Toy is the best in enhancing your child’s motor abilities. Aside from that, Pop Fidget Toy helps develop their mathematical thinking, logical thinking, reasoning strategy, and mental arithmetic.

These toys are designed with various shapes, sizes and colors that can get the attention of your kiddos. It also provides health benefits such as a stress reliever and help improve their focus. Kids are mostly distracted, giving such toys will encourage and enhance their focus in things.


Let Them Play

It is normal for kids to be playful. They can have many ideas and even think that all things are toys. Giving them time to play is really essential. It is part of their development. Playing is not only a way of entertaining them but also a way of learning. Physical activities are pretty wild but they can learn gross motor skills. Activities such as:

  • Jumping
  • Running
  • A ride on toy
  • Climbing
  • Throwing or kicking ball

Indeed kids are attention seekers but they are lovable. Their presence is medicine to our fatigues. Parents can relate such feelings. They are often relieved from the tiredness they feel from a whole day’s work when they cuddle their child. Their child serves as their motivation to pursue their goals despite the trouble and challenges they face from the day to day process of life. Children are valuable gifts from God and we must appreciate it.

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