The Requirement Of A PC Cleaner

This is a type of software. It has the name PC Cleaner as it does the job of clearing the processor’s memory. It can be used for maintenance purposes. There are free versions and paid versions available.  Each version has a different set of features. Here, what matters most is what type of operating system a certain type of software is meant for.

Advantages of PC cleaners

The main advantages of a PC Cleaner can be noted as

  • Unused and unnecessary programs are removed: running this software will clear up the PC. Continuous pop-up advertisements and error messages result in the system functioning slowly. This may or may not be handled by the antivirus software. Here, a PC Cleaner comes of help.
  • Speed: Speed of the PC reduces with time and the number of programs running in the background. This issue is solved by a PC Cleaner. This is done by disabling programs that are not required in operating systems and browsers.
  • Solving advanced problems: for complete knowledge of PC functioning, running a scan is advisable.
  • There are frequently added updates. These frequently added updates are better than the previous ones.

A PC Cleaner enables better use of the PC with speed improvement.  A glimpse of two available PC cleaners The first is Cyber lab software which can be downloaded for free anytime and it does have any cost involved. This is best suited for Windows Vista 7, 8, 10, and 11. There are no advertisements and no bundled software involved. Unique features of this PC Cleaner can be noted as

  • the availability of a registry cleaner
  • updates are done manually
  • the availability of advanced tools
  • works as an optimizer for windows and browsers.
  • Registry tune-up can be done

The next PC Cleaner is the Cyber lab Ultimate. The uniqueness of this is

  • There is a money-back policy of sixty days
  • The updating, scanning, and Tune-up are not done manually. It is automatic.
  • A support system is available if any problem has been encountered.
  • Other than cleaning junk files, tracking cookies is also possible.

This has a price for the number of PCs involved. It is Rs. 2,350.86 a year for 5 PCs. For 10 PCs it is Rs. 4705.64 and for 15 PCs it is Rs 7060.42.  There are monthly software updates for both the above-mentioned versions. Periodical usage of a PC Cleaner is advised. This is considering the performance of a PC. It improves the speed when the PC has become slow. The slow performance will be noticed when there are too many files stored. This also applies to the cookies that are stored each time a web page is visited. Using a PC Cleaner enables space to be freed up for better performance. Files are cleared up depending upon the usage. Manual deletion and clearing up space may not be possible often. A PC Cleaner is a vital tool for the smooth functioning of the PC. This makes working on it quite convenient.

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