Ultimate Guide to Play Capsa Susun at Pkv Games

There are many types of games available on the pkv server and it is very hard to keep track of all of them. The thing which may not be hard for you to know is that Capsa Susun is one of the most popular and interesting games to be played on the pkv server.

Some Basic Guides to Play Capsa Susun: –

While playing this game is actually quite easy, there are still some points and basics that a player needs to know before playing the game. If you already know the basics beforehand then instead of waiting go and check out this link – start to play the game.

  • The first point that a player needs to know before trying out his/ her luck in the game is that only a single pack of playing cards is used to play it.
  • 4 is the maximum number of players who can play this game.
  • A player will get to arrange 13 cards.
  • The cards will have to be arranged with the levels 5 5 3 by an individual player. Each level’s strength will have to be matched.
  • Each level’s strength that’s required is – the bottom 5 is the highest strength of the combination, the middle 5 consists of medium strength of the combination and the lowest strength of the combination consists of the top 3.
  • The above-mentioned combination will have to match to that of the poker game.
  • Some amount of time will be given to arrange and order the playing cards.
  • The playing cards will be pockmarked if all the cards are piled up to completion.
  • On the basis of the level of arrangement, the player’s cards will be pitted. The order will start from the bottom leading up to the top.

The above-mentioned rules are the basics that a player needs to remember before playing this game. Also, the players need to know if the combination is similar to that of the other players as there are sometimes when it will be decided to be more than the card motif the player has. The most important motives, in the Capsa Susun gambling game, startfrom: – Spade, Heart, and Diamond.

While playing and gambling online, sometimes a player will also get the chance to win additional jackpots. Obviously, it is required to get an occasional and exceptional card combination found in the capsa game.

Interestingly the Capsa Susun has been around for a long period of time and was quite often played by the Indonesians, but the concept of playing this game online is relatively new, thanks to the pkv online gaming server. This game is not at all difficult and for those who are experts in playing poker, playing Capsa Susun will be much easier for them. The card ranks of both the games are identical, the only difference being the way of playing it.

Lastly, if you have finished reading this and feel confident, just head to the pkv server-



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