Vitamin D gummies for Vital nourishment

Vitamin D is the most vital supplement to aid in the growth and nourishment of the body. Vitamin D has a steroid ring made up of secosteroids. It is formed from cholesterol. Vitamin D is a kind of vitamin which is soluble in fats. It comes under the fat–soluble vitamin class, including vitamins A, E and K. In scientific terms, vitamin D is also known as calciferol. 

Vitamin D can be obtained from various sources and have multiple benefits. Vitamin D is now available in the form of Vitamin D gummies. Let us learn more about Vitamin D, its supplementation and its use.

Vitamin D gummies

Various vitamin d gummies are available in the market. These include supplements from Pure Encapsulations, Nordic Naturals, Thorne Vitamin D/K2, Now food chewable Vitamin D supplement, Fullwell, etc. The Vitamin D supplement works on the principle of the breakdown of cholesterol in the adipose tissue. The vitamin D supplement provides broken-down cholesterol to be processed in the body to form Vitamin D.

Vitamin D – Natural sources

 Vitamin D is a secosteroid obtained from cholesterol. When the sun’s rays fall on our skin, the cholesterol beneath our skin gets converted to Vitamin D under hν radiation. The hν converts the cholesterol to Vitamin D. This helps the body fight various diseases. 

Various other sources of Vitamin D are cod liver oil, obtained from cod sharks, salmon fish, swordfish, tuna fish, sardine fish, beef, milk products, and fruit juices. Vitamin D supplements are also available in the market. Many people who cannot go outside in the sun or have an allergy due to the ultraviolet hν radiation of the sun’s rays’ ultraviolet rays are advised to consume vitamin D supplements or food products rich in Vitamin D.

Uses of Vitamin D 

There are various pharmacological, physiological and medicinal uses of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced under the skin due to the breakdown of cholesterol into a secosteroid. Vitamin D is a complex substance formed in the adipose tissue of an individual with the help of ultraviolet hν radiation. The human body utilizes vitamin D for various purposes. 

Vitamin D is utilized for various pharmacokinetic processes, including absorption, distribution, metabolism, transformation, biodegradation and excretion. Vitamin D helps absorb multiple minerals and ions from food to blood circulation. The nutrients such as Calcium (Ca2+), Magnesium (Mg2+), and ions such as Phosphate ion (PO4), Bicarbonate ion (HCO), etc., are absorbed from the digested food in the small intestine. These nutrients reach blood circulation. The blood helps transport these nutrients to respective body parts and distributes the nutrients according to the need of various cells. 

Final words

Vitamin D deficiency causes Rickets, where bones and joints start deforming, and the skeleton is somewhat disfigured. Rickets can be reversed by using Vitamin D therapy. Thus Vitamin D gummies are crucial to supplement Vitamin D deficient patients to get proper nourishment and carry out day-to-day activities.

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