What Happens if You Get Caught With a Fake ID?

The phrase “fake ID” often evokes images of college students in crowded bars trying to sneak in with phony identification. But, making a fake ID is not just limited to college students. Indeed, creating a fake ID is a criminal offense and it is imperative that you are aware of the consequences before embarking down this path. In this article, we will explore the truth behind making fake IDs and everything you need to know.

1. How to Make a Fake ID

There are a countless number of guides online that offer ‘step-by-step’ instructions on how to make a fake ID. Some of these guides involve filling out templates, cutting and gluing, while others involve using software programs to print your ID on a PVC card. Making a fake ID is illegal, and it is not something that we recommend. Keep in mind, if you are caught using a phony identification, there may be serious legal ramifications. The best way to get a real ID is to follow the legal process.

2. Punishments for Possessing a Fake ID

It does not matter if you purchase the fake ID or make it yourself, but if you are caught in possession of it, the consequences can be severe. Depending on where you are located, the punishments for possessing a fake ID can vary. At the very least, expect to have your ID confiscated and be banned from the establishment. In more dire circumstances, you could end up facing criminal charges and even end up behind bars.

3. Why You Should Not Purchase Fake IDs Online

There are numerous websites online that will sell you fake IDs, but beware. Most often, these websites are illustrations for scams. The majority will take your money and not send you anything in return. If you do receive something from the website, it may not be what you were expecting. The website may have sent an ID, sure, but it will most likely not pass muster with authorities. Do not take the chance of getting scammed or caught.

4. How to Spot a Fake ID

It is not just teenagers using fake IDs, but also those who intend to use them for illicit activities, such as terrorism or espionage. With the advancements in technology, making fake IDs has become increasingly harder to spot. One telltale sign of a fake ID is when the holographic decal doesn’t line up with the rest of the card. Another pointer includes the font or lettering not looking authentic or the ID just looks discolored or misprinted.

5. Alternatives to a Fake ID

When it comes down to it, there are legal alternatives to obtaining a fake ID. Some states are now issuing vertical IDs to individuals under the age of 21. Although restrictions may apply, this offers a legal form of identification for those who are underage. Other alternatives include using a student ID for identification purposes, getting a state-issued identification card, or getting a passport book from the nearest passport bureau.

Creating and using a fake ID is not worth the risks associated with it. The usage of a fake ID is illegal and can lead to serious consequences. It is important to note that the consequences of possessing a fake ID outweigh any perceived benefits. Understanding this to be a criminal offense is essential knowledge for anyone who is considering creating or using a fake ID.

Antonio Carter
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