White Label PPC Management – Is it Right For Your Business?

If you’re in the business of search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising, you need a refresher on white label PPC management. White label campaigns are typically used by larger companies and PPC management firms to get an edge in pay-per-click marketing. 

White-label campaigns are growing in popularity because of their flexibility and ability to achieve results faster than traditional campaigns. However, these campaigns have several pitfalls that can easily ruin your campaign. Follow these six tips to avoid common white label PPC management mistakes.

Not tracking client outcomes. Even if you hire a white label provider, you’ll still need to track your campaign’s success regularly. By regularly measuring day one client outcomes against day two, you’ll gain valuable insight into the campaign’s success and identify areas for improvement. This will help you to eliminate areas where your client isn’t receiving the best results and will allow you to focus on areas where you can make changes quickly and with minimal cost. Additionally, tracking allows you to see where your PPC strategies are having the greatest impact.

Dipping into Google AdWords. While white-label providers have access to Google AdWords, it’s not enough to run all of your PPC campaigns there. As part of your white labeling campaign, make sure you’re pulling in content from other PPC sources, such as article directories, press releases, and social media outlets.

Not focusing on conversion rather than clicks. One of the keys to white label PPC management is understanding that your clients won’t just buy a product when they find it. They’ll also want to know that the process of purchasing is easy and enjoyable. Instead of investing heavily in PPC ads that may not yield good results, incorporate other channels into your campaign, which will be far more likely to convert into paying clients.

Relying on a third party to manage your PPC campaigns. Some agencies can manage their clients’ PPC campaigns because they specialize in that area. However, if you don’t have experience in that area, you might find it makes sense to hire a third party to do this work for you. 

Several third-party companies offer their services to help small businesses and agencies manage their PPC campaigns. If you trust the expertise of your current SEO agency but feel you may need some help with your PPC campaigns, hiring someone else to handle them will give them time to focus on what they do best: generating leads and generating sales.

Avoiding shady operators. The easiest way to avoid being taken advantage of by a disreputable PPC management agency is to ask friends and business associates who have had experience with them for their advice. You might also do a little bit of research to see if any online reviews are talking about their services. In general, you should only choose a PPC company that has several positive reviews. To ensure you won’t be taking any risks when you’re working with a disreputable company, you should get an independent review from a third-party source. That way, you can have confidence in the information you’re getting.



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