A Brief on Crossdraw Holster

Crossdraw holsters are essentially pistol holsters designed to be wrapped in a crossdraw method, with the gun’s bottom position positioned so that the firing hand moves across the body to draw the firearm. Crossdraw holsters are not a new concept in the world of shooting. They’ve been around for a long time, mostly since the time of cowboys, who were the first to use this type of crossdraw configuration due to the amount of equipment they managed, and who also spent significant amounts of time traveling on horseback. The caliber of your holster determines the safety, efficiency, and experience of any carry technique, especially cross draw. Its position is butt-forward and inclined towards the body, which differs from the typical hip holster, and it even necessitates a sturdy holster that will remain firmly in place as you move.

Advantage of Crossdraw Holster

  • Crossdraw holsters can be a great way to carry concealed weapons in certain scenarios. This model can be an ideal alternative if you spend the majority of time in the back seat of the vehicle and you are a right-handed shooter. The crossdraw method will enable you to place the weapon in a position where it can be easily accessed.
  • Pulling from a crossdraw set-up instead of a strong side holster may be a better alternative if you have a shoulder mobility problem that prevents you from raising your arm in an upward motion. A crossdraw holster, on the other hand, might not be a smart solution if your shooting hand’s shoulder mobility difficulties prevent you from reaching across your body.

How to Choose the Best Crossdraw Holster

Owning the right crossdraw holster is a personal preference. The quality of the holsters determines the safety and effectiveness of your carry technique, and when it comes to crossdraw holsters, it is extremely important. One needs to have a holster that will maintain its position when there is movement and it should also meet your scope and it should also allow you to draw the weapon as easily and quickly as possible. One should look for a crossdraw holster that is made from premium leather, and which is finely designed in a classic style, and should be flexible and easily adjustable so that it can be worn on both sides.

Steps on how to draw from the Crossdraw holster

  1. Make sure you clear your cover clothing. Expose the holster with the non-dominant hand if you are carrying it concealed, as it will shift it behind your back.
  2. Make sure you step forward with your dominant foot to establish the fire stance and avoid directing the gun at yourself.
  3. When you are certain that you are not facing something you don’t want to harm, bring both your hands to the center of the draw below your dominant eye and then place them in such a way that you locate your aim.
  4. The final step is to engage your target by placing your finger on the trigger.

Crossdraw holster models are available in two types depending on where the holster is worn on the belt or inside the waist. Holsters are also available with a thumb break, which is beneficial for weapon retention. So having a proper holster is important.




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