Six Steps You Can Take to Prepare Your Home for the Termite Season

Studies show that termites can affect one in every five homes during termite season. Unfortunately, damage caused by termites may not be covered by homeowners’ insurance. Because of this, you must prepare for this season and deal with a possible infestation proactively. The best thing you can do when a termite infestation occurs in your home is to contact a reliable pest control company.  Pest control experts can effectively and efficiently eliminate a termite issue and give you advice on how to avoid this infestation in the future. Below are steps you should take to prepare your home for the termite season:

Eliminate Moisture or Source of Moisture

Termites are moisture lovers, particularly moisture in woods. Also, they tend to thrive in most environments because they depend on water. Examine your pipes to see if there are no leaks, so you don’t offer termites the ideal home.  

Prevent Soil and Wood from Meeting

Although termites love wood, this is not the way they enter your house. These pests construct elaborate tunnels within the soil. The ground moisture is ideal for termites and their tunnels may lead into your house. You can avoid this by making some space between the point where your yard ends and your house starts. 

Close Those Openings

Aside from soil, termites can also get into your house through any outdoor openings. As with other pets, they find a way in through foundation cracks and wall holes. So, check for these openings and close them.

Don’t Use Mulch

A lot of homes have a garden in front of them. Often, homeowners place mulch in these gardens. Although this may look nice, this can provide termites with a great source of food. Also, mulch connects your house to the soil, which may let termites invade your home. The same is true with plants around your house as they have moisture that attracts termites. If you cannot avoid having mulch or plants near your house, consider using termite-treated wood since it minimizes the risk of an infestation. 

Avoid Storing Wood in the Yard

Keeping wood outside is like inviting termites into your house. These pests love to eat wood and they will come for it once they smell it. Place wood in an enclosed area or a shed away from your house. 

Get Regular Inspections

Regular inspections conducted by pest control professionals make sure your house is protected from termites.  These professionals will address any infestation they discover during their inspections promptly. 

Antonio Carter
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