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The MDF Skirting World: Tips, Tricks & DIY Projects

In every home, there’s a difference between renters and owners. If you own your home or are renting it, that doesn’t matter. What does is the exterior of your house. Whether you just want to spruce up your yard or want to transform your entire exterior into something gorgeous and inviting to the eye, there are so many ways you can go about it. 


With this DIY guide on how to create an exquisite MDF skirtings world, you no longer have to settle for a curb appeal that looks ordinary and incomplete. Sure, adding some paint here and there will do, but nothing more than that unless you want to invest in repainting the whole exterior of your house. 


Tips For Installing MDF Skirtings


– The right tools will make the entire process a whole lot easier, so invest in quality ones. Although it’s recommended to use a machine to cut the MDF boards, you can go ahead with using a table saw to do it if you don’t have a machine at home. 


Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s recommended to use MDF that’s at least 12 inches thick to add stability to the walls. You can use a utility knife to pre-drill the holes for the molding profiles and screws, but make sure you drill pilot holes so that the screws can be driven into the wall properly. 


– Be patient. While installing the MDF skirtings is not a complicated task, it’s quite strenuous for several reasons. One, you need to make sure that the MDF boards are perfectly straight, which is not an easy task by itself. 


When it comes to cutting the MDF boards, make sure you follow the right dimensions so that there’s no wastage of materials. Two, you need to precut the molding profile. 


Once you’re done with the installation, you need to wipe the sweat off your brow as you need to touch up all the imperfections. 


Finally, you need to seal the joints of the MDF boards. 


– Follow the right method of installation. There are plenty of ways to install MDF skirtings, but they should all be based on the same method. It’s recommended to first clean the wall, remove the old paint and primer, and then apply a good primer. 


Next, you need to apply a joint compound or spackle and let it dry completely. After that, you need to install the MDF board and leave it for at least 24 hours. 


For the final touch, you can apply a coat of paint, Primer, or stain. 


Why Install MDFSkirtings?


MDF skirtings are often installed in homes to transform the look of the exterior and make it more attractive. With its natural beauty and versatility, this composite material is perfect for many projects, including a fence, a porch railing, and a garden wall. 


There are plenty of reasons why you should consider installing MDF skirtings in your home. Here are a few of them. 


– They’re strong and durable. MDF boards are strong and durable, so you don’t need to worry about them cracking or crumbling as they’re made up of a composite of paper and resin. 


– They’re affordable. MDF board is affordable and affordable, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Also, it’s easy to transport and can be easily installed even by people who aren’t professional contractors. 


So, it’s a great option for anyone who would like to redo the exterior of their home at a low cost. Learn more at skirtingworld.co.uk.

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