What are the products that can be produced using rotational molding processes?

Rotational molding

Rotational molding is the most economical method of producing hollow plastic components on a smaller scale. It will consist of melting the polymer resin while it is rotating inside a mold under high temperature. This high temperature will be enough to melt the powder and convert it into liquid form. This liquid will then coat along the walls of the mold, thus attaining the shape of the mold. After some time, you should cool the machine and take the finished part out of it. There are several benefits of rotomolding and you can choose the process that will be suitable for your need. Before going further with the topic in general, it is better to know the different types of products that you can get from these processes.

Diversity of rotational molding processes

Since rotational molding processes involved the formation of polymer-based products of almost any shape, you cannot limit the applications of it. You can make a small container made of plastic or can go for a larger industrial product based on your wish and need. The processes are extremely customizable that allows you to widen the use of it. There will be freedom for the manufacturer to choose between various options as he can make the mold as he wants. Since the processes cost low, you can change the molds as many times as you want to match your customer needs. Let us discuss some categories of products that you can make out of rotational molding.

Product categories of rotational molding


Since you will be concentrating only on the hollow components, containers will be the best component that you will make in these processes. Also, most of the containers will be made of plastics because of its portability. Products include the freezer boxes, shipping, and material handling containers, drums and barrels, and many more.


A tank is the larger version of the container. So, if you can make small containers using this process, you can also make larger ones. Tanks will be used for the storage of liquids in most of cases like water storage, underground storages, fuel tanks, oil containers, etc. You can produce tanks that can contain over 40,000 liters of liquid.

Industrial polymer products

The final components of rotomolding will be durable with high endurance. Hence, you can make use of it to make engineering products and cases. You can make blower cases, engine houses, filtration equipment, and much more.

Material handling

As said earlier in the containers section, material handling has huge applications of products from rotational modeling. Portability is a vital factor within the industry, and you will need lighter but durable containers for it. So, rotational molding components can help in this. Some products are cooling boxes, various container types, trash cans, and packaging products.

Oceanic equipment

Dealing with the waters in the ocean is critical, and you will need many lightweights but efficient equipment for various purposes. Some products include buoys, floats, kayaks, and many other water-usable products.



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