Finer solutions for the Best Car Stereo Options Now

The automobile is present in the routine of millions of people and, for many of them, it is considered a passion. According to a survey, in several regions of the country, 56% of internet users interviewed wish to exchange their car for a 0 km. Among the options that can add value to the purchase are: air conditioning, power steering, electric glass and, of course, the stereo – one of the items responsible for transforming the climate inside the vehicle.

Are you satisfied with the factory package? Do you want a custom acoustic project or are you concerned with the drums? Check out these tips and get ready in search of your next car stereo!

What is good to know when choosing a car stereo:

Factory standard or customized

The cost of a sound system varies widely, so consider your profile and the maximum amount you are willing to pay. The first step is to check the options offered according to the manufacturer and model of the vehicle, or the compatibility of the components you intend to install.

A basic package includes the radio and two boxes. However, if you plan to listen to music at a higher volume without loss of quality, consider adding an amplifier and a 12-inch subwoofer (speaker dedicated to the lowest frequency bands). To have a powerful and balanced sound, it is worth improving the car stereo from three to four channels and adding a two-way kit (with back boxes).

Technology at hand

Listening to music on the way is not restricted to turning on the radio and tuning in to a station. Currently, it is possible to choose three types of accessories to control the sound: CD Player, the simplest and most traditional of them; DVD Player, which now includes watching videos; Multimedia Center, which brings together in a single panel the resources DVD and MP3 players, digital TV, radio and GPS.

Improving performance

There is no point in going out adding various components to the sound system. All of them must be compatible with the vehicle and have a proper joint operation. This is clear from the combination of speakers: larger speakers tend to emphasize the bass, so you need to balance the outputs of the mid and high frequency ranges. The ideal project is one that fills the sound space without great noise or distortion.

Energy consumption

Popular cars usually come with batteries of, on average, 50 amps which are sufficient for lighting, air conditioning, locks and electric windows, etc. When you install a more complex sound system, with more than 4 ways and a subwoofer, it is good to be aware of the power consumption.

Last but not least: install or adapt the sound system with a professional you trust or your investment may go down the drain. This is because it is necessary to tamper with the electrical wiring of the car and correctly connect the components so as not to run the risk of burning them. Then, just prepare the setlist, start the game and press play to enjoy the powerful acoustics!

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