Honour Your Loved Ones with Memorial Headstones of Lodge Bros

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 Lodge Bros Stonemasons are experts in making memorial and engraved rock headstones Melbourne. Lodge Bros provide the Granite Headstones Melbourne, Marble Headstone, and the Rock Headstone for the memorial monuments. Lodge Bros also offers stunning accessories to complement your headstones and grave monuments, such as personalized headstone photographs. Lodge Bros Stonemasons staff tries to 


  • Deliver a high-quality and courteous experience to clients. Based on years of expertise and professional understanding.


With a full-sized burial monument from Lodge Bros in Melbourne, you may commemorate the great love and connection you had with this individual. Full monument memorial allows you to capture the spirit of the deceased so that you can bid them farewell in a way that reflects your regard and concern for them.


Lodge Bros Stonemasons has been providing memorial headstones Melbournefor burials, along with a variety of other services, for almost 100 years.So, if someone is looking for a reputable provider of high-quality granite headstones, Lodge Bros Stonemasons is the place to go. They also provide 

  • Inscriptions on grave monumentsand a range of additional services, all of which are of the highest professional standards.


Stonemasons have much more than just rock headstones Melbourne. Such as 

  • In the case of Pre-Need, If you would like the ‘peace of mind that you have taken care of erecting your monument before your death, we can help step you through the process and ensure your memorial or headstone will be an everlasting reflection of you.


Even for the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Lodge Bros Stonemasons experts have provided a range of 

  • Sculptures, bases, and granite panels (MCG). They contain bronze sculptures of renowned Australian athletes such as footballers, cricket players, and medal winners from the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.
  • Lodge Bros Stonemasons also has the competence to build war memorials, no matter how large little they are.


 The desire to continue the journey with their soul mate is likely to be as strong as ever for individuals who feel death is only a transition to the next stage of existence. Lodge Bros can create a twin memorial for those who want memorial for them and there kindred spirit ones at the Lodge Bros Stonemasons, allowing you to be bury next to each other for you to be able to commemorate your unique bond and kinship.


  • Lodge Bros also offers family headstones Melbourneas part of our thorough and polite service, ensuring that every member of your family is memorialized properly.


  • Lodge Bros team also provides bronze memorial cemetery plaques in various sizes and styles. They also made memorial plaques of excellent and blemish-free bronze. One of Lodge Bros bronze cemetery plaques will be an appropriate homage to a loved one, perfectly matching the design of the monument and expressing the sentiment of the memorial.


Additionally at Lodge Bros, you will also get the Accessories such as 

  • The lodge Bros also shutter accessories that will be placed next to your memorial.
  • Granite Vase(Round, Splayed, Rustic or square design grapevine vase) and Granite Lamp House


Lodge Bros also do some building works, such as churches, feature stonework, sporting arena, war memorials, and renovation of the monument. As per client preference.

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