In What Capacity Do Marijuana Medical Cards Serve You, And What Do They Do?

With all of the news about medical marijuana and marijuana medical cards that are now circulating in the mainstream media, it may be difficult to truly distribute information about what they are, what they do, and how they may relate to you.

Some people believe that mail order marijuana and obtaining a marijuana medical card is a simple process for those who want to use the drug recreationally, but in reality, they are a highly regulated component of a genuine medical business that must adhere to tight guidelines. Learn more about what they are, the fundamental rights and legal protections that they provide to cardholders, and how you may get one if you meet the requirements.

Cannabis Medical Cards: Defining Them

First of all, what are medical marijuana medical cards? They’re medical cards issued by your state to people who have a valid medical marijuana recommendation from their physician and have gone through a thorough evaluation process that ensures that they are indeed suffering from a medical condition.

They serve as official and valid identification that will let them purchase, cultivate, and transport marijuana legally. Because of the extremely strict regulatory framework in place, the cards do not permit you to use marijuana; they simply serve as a way to let you enter the cannabis industry and establish a legitimate business where you can legally cultivate, manufacture, and sell cannabis to customers.

Are Medical Marijuana Cardholders Legally Protected?

Marijuana and medical marijuana are legal in all 50 states, even though it is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug at the federal level. This means that marijuana is considered to have no medical value and is therefore illegal in all instances under federal law. This federal classification means that all laws and protections which might be provided to people possessing marijuana under state law are not the same under federal law.

What does a medical marijuana card allow you to do?

For starters, it is necessary to qualify for a marijuana medical card to have any legal protections that it offers. All legal protections are the same for medical marijuana cardholders as they are for a patient with any other sort of drug card.

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