Information You Must Know Before You Book An Escape Room

Are you looking for an escape room? If yes, then you are on the right track. Many peoples are unfamiliar with escape rooms, so we will start with defining a room escape. Room escape is a kind of game in which people are close in a space, and they have to solve some mysteries to get out of the room. These games are highly demanded by youngsters and adults as they are pretty thrilling.

If we talk about the age group, then any person who is above ten can play the game. But for children entry is allowed only with their parents. According to the rules, a parent is a must with two kids. People that are below 18 are only allowed until the parents are with them. Else their entry is restricted for the game.

Different clues are provided that help the players to move ahead to the finishing point. Here we will discuss much information about room escape, so stay tuned:

Functioning of game

The escape room is a live game, and that’s the major part that makes it more widespread. People play them physically and use their minds to solve the puzzles. A time of 60 minutes is provided to solve the mystery with clues. The game can be played by a single player or multiplayer as the player want to play. But as we mentioned above, when kids are playing, one parent should be there.

The time limit is rigid as there are scheduled sessions of the game. So you arrive late, then they can cancel your session as they have a further booking. You can join the game late, but it will ruin the entertainment as you do not know about the initial clues.

You will get rooms of different themes and book them for play. Bookings are made prior to two three days of the final gameplay. The limit of players goes from one person to twelve players. If you do not want to play with other players and want to deal with the situation alone, then you can use the services of private rooms. You can book rooms that are not booked by other people.

If they are booked, then you have to change the timing or the room. If you want to chill with your friends, then room escape is a great idea to spend time with them.

Arrival information

There should be a specific time mentioned on your ticket or told at the time of booking. You are allowed to enter the room at the specified time. But you are advised to visit the gaming point minimum of 15 minutes. 

This will help you to get better interaction with the staff members and a better playing experience. For showing up late, no refund or returns are available as it is the sole responsibility of the player to reach on time. Arriving a bit earlier or on time will help you to complete the round on time. Other slots can also be uninterrupted, and you will get time to handle your other stuff.



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