Medicare Insurance vs. Medicare Supplement; Here is everything you need to know. 



Difference Between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage? | AARP Medicare  Plans

When it comes to supplementing your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you will have two option of doing it. You can opt to take Medicare advantage plans or resort to the Original Medicare. The two coves come with their own advantage as well as disadvantages. But the good news is that you will find a list of Medicare plans to choose from.  Taking a supplements Medicare insurance plan will also assist you in getting the original Medicare cover. You should note that the different plans will have diverse differences. Therefore, it will be a matter of utmost importance if you will understand their differences. 

Understanding the different types under Medicare Advantage Plans

You will find different types of Medicare advantage plans to choose from in the market. The first one is the Medicare Part C-Advantage plan. Eligibility is one of the differences that will separate Medicare advantage from a Medicare supplement plan. In eligibility, you must have an original Medicare Part A as well as Part B to qualify for the Medicare services. Another area of eligibility is that Medicare Advantage plan will incorporate all other applicants, with the only exeption on those applicants with end renal diseases, in particular circumstances. Under Medicare supplement services, its plans must be used with the Original Medicare. Another area of difference in the package is in the enrollment period. For those people that will enroll during the Medigap enrollment period, some insurance company would reject your application. That does not happen with the Medicare advantage plan. 

Another area of distinction is in the cost that comes with each of the services. Medicare advantage plan costs will vary depending on the costs that each state charges. On the other hand, Medicare supplement plans premiums will change depending on issues such as gender, and health. In the Medicare supplements plans, the plans will have out of the pocket costs maximum. Subscribers for the Medicare supplement plans will not have any out of the pocket maximum to pay. Lastly the Medicare advantage prescription plan offers excellent drug coverage offer compared to the Medicare supplement plan. The cover is not included in the Medicare supplement package. It therefore means that you should consider enrolling in the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. 

Another thing to note with the Medicare advantage plan is that its benefits will vary annually. You will also be in the plan unless you disenroll in it during the annual enrollment period. In the Medicare supplements plans, the benefits it offers does not change. You will also be guaranteed the renewable amount provided you clear the premium and you were honest in your application. The Medicare advantage plan is renewable. You will notice the different period that the plan offers for member to enroll into the plan. That does not happen with the Medicare advantage supplement plan. The plan is non renewable. In any chance you drop it you will not get a chance to resign for it again. 



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