Printed tees: Styling your Fortnite t-shirt

T-shirts with loud prints or statements could be hard to style if you do not know how to explore and experiment with it. Being simple is not a bad thing but too simple to the point of looking bland can be disheartening. It can make you feel less confident and may not be happy wearing them. Printed shirts are actually a good piece. It takes a little amount of styling to make it even more special.

Instead of getting stuck with a shirt and pants or shorts combination, try diversifying your looks by putting on other pieces with it or choosing colors that are out of ordinary.

Level up your Fortnite get up and feel more comfortable in wearing them. Here are a few tips to help you do that:

Add volume by layering

Layering has been a great way to amplify your style. Most of the time you are not satisfied by your look even if you put on a great shirt or polo. Adding a layer can give volume to your outfit which makes it more lively and engaging. You get to match the colors or add patterns to your look. Put on your Fortnite t-shirt and top it with a neutral-colored jacket before you get on with your business.

Choose a bigger size for you

Most of the time, you tend to pick the right size. But sometimes the bigger size is the right size. Wearing normal fitted shirts can be perfect for layering while tight fitted shirts can limit your options for layering. However, if you do not want to layer your outfit, you can try wearing an oversized Fortnite t-shirt. Oversized shirts can be worn with fitted pants for a contrasting look. It would also go well with baggy pants for streetwear attire. Nowadays, more people are sporting oversized printed shirts. It has become trendy and stylish. It is great for street-style and casual look. Unlike before when baggy clothes were not embraced, now, oversized shirts are very much in style.


T-shirts are basic clothing and one way to make it look better is to accessorize. When you go out, you can top off your shirt and pants with a cap that matches the colors of your outfit. If you are into blings, you can wear flashy necklaces. Sometimes, a handkerchief around the neck gives a pop of style too.

Additionally, pick good footwear. Sometimes, your footwear is what wraps up your look. You can wear a good pair of sneakers on an easy day. For women, if you like to be extra stylish, wear your oversized tee with fitted weather pants and some fancy stilettos. It can even be a good outfit for your girls’ night out. For the guys, layer your shirt with a zipped hoodie and jacket. Match that with a good pair of pants and finish it off with your favorite sneakers.

Always remember to pick clothes that make you comfortable and boost your confidence. What matters is that you feel good with what you wear.

Antonio Carter
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