The Benefits of Music Submission Platforms

One way to find potential platforms to share your music is to make a list of blogs related to the genre you’re hoping to break into. Ensure to familiarize yourself with each blog’s content, contact details, and music submission guidelines before submitting a track. Having more information about each blog will ensure your music submission reaches the right people. To get started, create a Google Sheet to track potential opportunities and keep it updated.

One example of a platform that allows users to submit songs is Sharetopros. The calibre of a track can provide a lot of insight into whether or not it was produced by professionals and whether or not it makes you feel significant. The A&R representatives will feel more inclined to check out your work after listening to your music, and they will most likely be delighted to hear from you again in the future. However, given the subjective nature of music, you shouldn’t be terrified of receiving bad feedback. Your music will stand out above the other entries if you have a press kit that is well written, and people will find you more approachable if you have a social media account that is entertaining to use.


Sharetopros is an outstanding website that can help you get your songs heard by influential music tastemakers. Utilizing it gets rid of the uncertainties that are typically connected with the submission of music. This service will not only provide you the highest confidence that your submission will be accepted, but it will also provide you with feedback from curators regarding the work that they have done. It is nevertheless well worth the effort to get these tastemakers to listen to your music, despite the fact that the quality of the comments received can vary quite a bit.


On some music submission websites, you have the option to buy premium credits, which will increase the quality of the comments and ratings you receive. These credits may be purchased for close to a dollar each, and the greater the quantity of credits you buy, the greater the likelihood that your content will be displayed. A further advantage of purchasing premium credits is that the review process to submit music will be sped up, you will receive feedback in written form, and the amount of time a curator is required to listen to it will be increased. When compared to the price of individual credits, the cost of premium credits represents a significant discount.


Perform some research before sending in your song submission. The majority of blogs and play listers have their own set of rules and preferences on how they accept submissions and how they feature them. Some only accept certain forms of writing, while others are open to all kinds of genres. Be sure to do the necessary research into which music websites have been featured on the website in the past to ensure that it is an appropriate fit. Therefore, do your homework and get ready for a career that will last a long time in the music industry. You’ll never regret your efforts!



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