Top table games to play at online casinos

Table games provide some of the best odds and gaming action at online casinos. While slots get much of the attention, savvy gamblers know that tables give you a better chance to win using skill and strategy. Roulette gives you tons of betting variety across the differently numbered pockets on the wheel. You can keep it simple by betting on single numbers or ranges, or mix it up with intersection bets, rows, and special pattern wagers. Luck plays a big role in this game of chance, but that unpredictability and potential for big payouts is part of the fun. Online roulette brings immersive gameplay with close-up wheel views in high-definition live streams.


Landing dice rolls has electrified best online casinos sa goers for decades in craps. It may look chaotic with chips flying everywhere, but you keep it simple by sticking to pass or don’t pass wagers and then taking odds. Online craps simulate that exciting energy and social vibe with chat features. Taking the time to learn optimal craps strategy gives you a solid 1.4% house edge or less. Just avoid sucker bets like proposition wagers. For betting variety and camaraderie, craps are tough to top.

Casino Hold’em

Poker fans wanting to simplify things will enjoy Casino Hold’em. Face off against the dealer in this fast-paced game with no opponents to worry about. Casino Hold’em skips bluffing and reading other players, so just focus on making the best five-card hand. A bonus jackpot side bet sweetens the pot when you hit a royal flush. Straightforward rules and strategy make Casino Hold’em a popular online option for casual poker players.

Caribbean stud poker

Originated by gambling giant Mikki Hyland, Caribbean Stud Poker fuses poker hands with stud poker table game mechanics. You’ll play just against the dealer aiming for the higher five-card poker hand. The dealer needs at least ace-king high to qualify. A progressive jackpot side bet adds chances at a big payout for a royal flush. Approachable gameplay and a decent house edge under 5% make this a go-to for poker table action online.

Spanish 21

Blackjack fans who want great odds should check out Spanish 21. This obscure variant gives players extremely favorable rules and options that lower the house edge to around 0.4%. You’ll get late surrender to recover half your bet as well as re-split aces. Doubling after splits is another strong option. Just beware that Spanish 21’s special rules change optimal strategy. So you’ll need to learn all the intricacies before hitting the virtual felt against the dealer.

Four card poker

A simple adaptation of Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker is catching on at online casinos. In this game, you’ll get four cards to make the best possible poker hand. You’ll place an ante and play bets like in Three Card Poker. A new ace’s upside bet pays big when you get at least a pair of aces. Four Card Poker has a mere 3.37% house edge, giving it among the lowest edges of all casino table games.

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