Wearing One Shoulder Dresses With Confidence

One-shoulder dresses have been one of the trendiest and hottest dresses to hit the fashion scene this season. The beautiful lines and flattering cut of these dresses give a very slimming effect and accentuate your curves in the best way possible. They are great for every body type and look great on women of all ages. Here we are going to have a look at some useful tips that will help you find the perfect one shoulder dresses for you.

Firstly if you have wide shoulders, then avoid those one-shoulder dresses that are narrow at the top or have wide shoulders in general. The whole idea of this kind of dress is to reveal your gorgeous shoulders therefore there is absolutely no need for you to hide them with cardigans or shawls. This is why these dresses are especially suited for the spring/summer months, such as Spring/Summer. They can be worn with a simple pair of jeans for a laid back look or with a cocktail dress for an elegant sophisticated look. They work well for petites, larger ladies and even for plus sized women as they will look equally stunning on all of them.

These dresses can work well with a variety of different body shapes. For a petite body shape the tips can be cinched or beaded, whereas ladies with larger shoulders and fuller hips should look for wider ones. For women who have a pear-shaped body shape the tips can be scooped or dropped. Ladies with an hourglass figure should go for straight and fitted one shoulder dresses.

If you are planning to wear these dresses during the warmer months then make sure you select ones with plenty of vibrant and contrasting colours. This will help to add a lot of colour to your legs and will give you a wonderfully polished look that will make you look like a million dollars. To make your legs look slimmer whilst wearing these one-shoulder dresses look for wide hemmed ones. They will also enhance your body shape and will make you look even more stunning.

The key to wearing one shoulder dresses is to ensure that they fit perfectly. For these dresses it is best to go for a loose fitting dress so as to ensure that they do not restrict your movement or give you a neck or back pain. If you cannot find one that fits correctly then you can go for fitted ones. These generally run a bit larger than the size of your shoulders, but they are still worth trying for just to be sure that they fit before committing to buy.

As for the colours of the dresses, try to avoid those that are too bright or garish. They will only take the attention away from the one shoulder. To keep the attention on the one shoulder remember to wear accessories such as a matching clutch, a ribbon wrapped around the waist or a small tie. It is important to balance out your look with the right accessories so that you can carry off one shoulder dresses with confidence.

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