What You Should Know About Quickbooks Compatible Checks

When you use Quickbooks as your business accounting software, you may be asked if you want to use compatible Quickbooks checks. If this is the first time you’ve heard of compatible checks, that’s understandable. But don’t worry! They’re a type of check that has some important benefits. These are not the regular checks that you might be used to using at home or work, but unique accounting checks that have specific features built into them to help small businesses keep track of their finances. Checking and accounting software have made it much easier for companies to keep track of their financial records, but in many cases (especially smaller companies), using these programs isn’t practical for everyone on staff. Having a check that can automatically update your QuickBooks company file with information about each check saves time and effort when reconciling bank statements at the end of every quarter or year.

What is a QuickBooks Compatible Check?

 QuickBooks checks are printed checks that have information printed on them about the payee, amount and transaction that corresponds to information in your QuickBooks accounting software. When you write a check which is printed with this information, the check acts as a record keeper for you, and helps you save time by eliminating the need to manually record every check you write in QuickBooks. This is a huge help for small businesses with limited staff who are on the hook for keeping accurate financial records. These are true checks that can be used at any bank or credit union. They function just like any other check, with the exception that they automatically record information in your accounting software. You can also use preprinted checks, which usually come in a book containing several checks — one for each vendor.

Why You Should Use QuickBooks Compatible Check


The above benefits of QuickBooks compatible checks make them an ideal option for businesses just getting started with check writing and bookkeeping. No one wants to go out of their way trying to find the perfect check that works best with their accounting software. If you’re already using QuickBooks, compatible checks are a much easier and more affordable solution. If you already use QuickBooks to manage your business’s finances, you know how helpful it can be. Having a full accounting record of all your transactions, and the ability to select any transaction and print it out as a receipt, is a huge advantage. Using QuickBooks checks makes it easier to record your transactions because they are pre-printed with the payee and amount.

How to Use QuickBooks Checks

Using QuickBooks checks is easy. Simply make sure you’re using a check that has the same information printed on it that you would include in a regular check, but also has “automatically recorded” printed on the bottom. You’ll also want to make sure that you are printing the check from within QuickBooks. When you print a check from QuickBooks, it will automatically fill in the information from your transaction. If the check is for a regular payment, such as for payroll or rent, you can set it up to print automatically and be sure that it will appear on the check.

QuickBooks checks are an inexpensive solution for small businesses that use QuickBooks to manage their finances. These checks have several built-in features that make them easier to use than regular checks. They also help you save time because you can record the data in QuickBooks automatically.

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