Wholesale silver rings should be measured with a ring size chart

Getting a wholesale order? Don’t you think it was, or fortunately it is important to do measurements with the help of a ring size chart Before buying? If you are holding an exhibition with no policy of not selling the rings to the people who’re ready to buy them at your said price, then we suggest you go through this article.

Wholesale silver ring collection at Hong Factory

Hong Factory states, the wholesale collection of their silver rings are produced to approach the perfect by paying attention to the sharp and splendid details of the rings produced by them. The silversmiths at Hong Factory are proven men with years of handwork and experience in this field. The factory provides you with a large variation in styles, colours, shapes and how can we leave sizes behind? Thicker or thinner, Jude or diamond, small stone or big, so many options that usually leave a customer in a deep haze.

The Collection catalogue is updated every week without any fail. The reason is not to show the activeness only, but the action also shows how dedicated the artists are. They love to find new inspiration and create masterpieces every week for their customers. What do you think keeps them most motivated? The happy and excited reactions from the customers.

At your store, keep a midi ring, cocktail ring, gemstone ring or solitaire ring, even the last pieces of these will be sold out. This is not just our saying, but the honest response and compliment from Hong Factory’s past and current customers. With huge variety and satisfying vibes from each ring, it gives your customers choices to choose the best from and a feeling of pleasure to select the best one to act as an additional touch of beauty to themselves.

If it is an occasion, or a style, a beautiful theme or a start for the new season, rings for all the aforementioned are present in the Collection of Hong Factory, which incredibly consists of more than 2000 rings. If you are a seeker for the wholesale ring collection, Hong Factory must be your first choice. Each of the pieces by Hong Factory artists is unique in its own way with a special touch of different times, festivals, gatherings etc to make it more specific and special.

Why is it important to measure the ring size with a ring size chart Before buying?


If you are a bulk buyer, you still are responsible for the sizes of rings you are buying. One could be smaller than you predicted or one can be bigger than it should be. You are asked to buy the bulk order but that does not mean you are not required to pay attention to the sizes. Fitting of the rings matters a lot and with the help of a ring size chart, you can stay away from the unnecessary problems, that might as well make you look irresponsible.

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