Yoga Strap: The Perfect Way To Work Your Abs!


You’ve been working out for years and you know your abs are strong. But did you know that yoga can help improve your abs?  what is the perfect way to work withit? We break it down for you!

Straps Can Help You Work Your Abs

A strap is a type of belt that helps you hold your poses in a position of focus. The strap wraps around your waist and attaches to the back of your shirt or pants. When you perform a pose, the strap will help keep you in place as you tighten your abdominal muscles.

How Does A Strap Work

When you use a strap, you will need to be very strong and assertive in order to keep yourself in the pose for long periods of time. To do this, start by sitting with your spine straight and anchored against the wall. Take hold of one end of the strap and bring it up towards your chest so that it is about two-thirds of the way up from your shoulder (this is called “upward facing dog”). Bend both knees so that they are at 90 degrees to each other and squeeze your glutes firmly together (this is called “abdominal Crunch”). Hold onto the end of the strap with both hands and use your core muscles to maintain tension throughout the pose.

How To Use A Strap

Once you have mastered the downward-facing dog or abdominal crunch pose, it’s time to move on to other poses! To use a yoga strap, simply hold onto its ends with both hands and raise them towards your shoulders as high as possible before tightening your abs again (this is called the “upward facing route”). Be sure not to curl too much overhead – this can actually make the bandages get tight around your hips which can affect how easy it is to stay in position throughout the pose!

Place The Strap Around Your Waist

To use a strap, start by placing it around your waist; so that the strap is between your legs and across your chest. Then hold the strap in one hand and place it on top of your stomach or spine. You can then use the other hand to hold onto either side of the strap and keep your core stable.

Hold The Strap In Your Arms

Now that you have a strap, hold it in one hand and use your other hand to pull it up toward your stomach while keeping the stretch line parallel to your body. Do this exercise for two minutes at a time and switch hands after two minutes have passed.


Straps can help you work your abs. By placing the strap around your waist, you can work its Abs band to improve your overall fitness. Additionally, using the strap in a variety of poses can help improve balance and stability. Overall, straps are an effective way to achieve better abs and improve fitness levels.

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